March 26 - 28 2024
Parc Chanot - Marseille - France The European trade show for gardening,
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Garden Trends

Identification of the future trends for your next collections by Chlorosphère.

You will soon discover garden trends for 2018, as for now you can have a look on 2017 trends by Chlorosphere agency :

To valuate your pots shelves in 2017, bet on design!

You might have understood that one of the major trends for this spring and the next one will enhance the geometric yellow. As the yellow does not match well with the green of plants, it is a black graphic that will be used on pots with aggressive geometric shapes.

Sharp edges , triangular patterns , cut facets, in rotational molding , injection , resin, ceramic, matt or glossy , the most important is to get the style and modernity desired by our consumers ...

Garden collections for 2017!

Yes it is even possible to apply the vibrant yellow trend on the gardening products. The exhibitors of the upcoming Journées des Collections will help you to prepare your 2017 range thanks to this trend.
Tools, equipments, garden accessories and others products will be presented to enable you to collect a significant amount of references in that collection. Outils Perrin, Compo, Haemmerlin...they are a lot to be ready to set the yellow trend on the shops.
If you wish to build your own products with suppliers, our partner, the trends consultancy CHLOROSPHERE will be on the show ground to help you to do so directly during your visit !

Be trendy when dealing with the sun in summer 2017!

There is no need to hide when you have to shade the sun in the garden. Wire weaving, thanks to new materials and techniques, enable suppliers to propose metalic structures that let the sun goes through without stopping it completely. The consummer wants trendy arbour, sun veiling with trifid pattern and modern bioclimatic pergolas.

2017 is about to be full of sunshine in all kind of collections. In this global mood, it is important to make a nice place for the sun which will be more and more important due to global warming.

When geometry meets outdoor architecture

While the architecture faces bigger and bigger graphical challenges, especially guided by the very talented Zaha Hadid , the building sector is inspired to bring to consumers, the modern twist they are looking for.

In few last seasons tile cements make their comeback and provide a high decorative potential as indoor floors.
In the garden it is time to bring a touch of Geometry ! Geometric pattern layout, and random opus paving stained glass effect, inspirations are so widely spread !

Prepare your collections to meet this growing demand !

Raw material in the garden

The garden is a quintessential leisure space. In contrast to a world of technology, connected and therefore tasteless relationships, the senses find their thirst for sensations: touch with rough materials such as cork, with strong smell fragrances like musk, camphor or sandalwood and finally taste with flavors more subtle for outdoor cooking, smoked or in oven.

It is obvious, leisure in the garden has a great trend in RAW! Either on materials or odors and tastes, RAW makes the original primitive aspects as the guideline of a successful collection for the outdoor leisure.