March 26 - 28 2024
Parc Chanot - Marseille - France The European trade show for gardening,
landscaping and outdoor living

What’s new on JdC 2018?

JdC - Garden Trends 2018 : Beautiful, blue & worldwide!

**First : « Beautiful », with a new logo

The selected picture is somewhat reminiscent of a David Hockney painting. The 3 universes of JdC - Garden Trends are represented : Gardening, Building & Landscaping and Outdoor living.
The « Journées des Collections Jardin » is now becoming: « JdC - Garden Trends ». The 3 JdC logo elements no longer need to be explained, as « Journées des Collections » has become renowned in the world of gardening and DIY distribution.
Despite the lack of business events in april, a key month to develop product listings, surrounding countries should not become indifferent towards « Garden Trends ».

**« Blue », as swimming-pools are becoming increasingly prominent at JdC

In recent years, gardens have been invaded by the presence of swimming pools. As a result, customers’ expectations are increasing with the rise in heat waves over the last few years. Jdc is now creating a real swimming-pool village, to accommodate your needs.
Lawn Mowers & Motorized Tools’ Village who made a recent comeback to JdC, has confirmed they will expand their location in the exhibition area. Likewise, the BBQ village, will move to a larger location in the Rabateau aisle to accommodate more suppliers.

**Last but not least : « worldwide », key international buyers are now expected in Marseille to enhance the already existing international presence

Internationalisation is happening!
More than 150 « international » suppliers (50%) are exhibiting at JdC and will present European supply offers to French distributors. JdC is now geared towards international buyers, « It’s obvious that the JDC is now shifting towards international buyers »: always on the lookout for the latest innovations to stand out from the crowd: « 2/3 of the 360 exhibitors at JdC are not exhibiting at other European tradeshows ; therefore a lot of new products are exclusively presented on our tradeshow »,says Mr. Jean-Luc Garnier, JdC’s Tradeshow Director.
In order to support this approach, JdC’s marketing team has been enhanced with the addition of a Visitor Relations Manager dedicated to international buyers.
These buyers as well as french retailers, will benefit from a personable approach combining expertise and conviviality.

1200 purchasing decision makers are expected to visit JdC 2018 in Marseille.

A promising 2018 tradeshow for the French and European world of distribution.